The Ellingham Teddy Bear Festival

Every year the village of Ellingham in England puts on a 2 week teddy bear event using the famous teddy bear trail as a focus for their event. As part of the activity everyone makes some sort of stuffed teddy bear and displays it in their garden. Many participants are well known celebrities from the world of music, TV, and even royalty.
The activities raise money for charity but at the same time, it highlights village life in Norfolk.

The festivity has its history dating back to February 2004  when at a gathering, people discussed how they might celebrate a traditional weekend. Eventually, setting up a teddy bear event was decided upon. With all the input and energy a series of events was listed up and included:

A Saturday day of fun at the local vicarage
A Garden party
An art display
A service where people were encouraged to take along their teddy bears.

Over the years and as a result of all these activities, the village has managed to raise over £50,000 for local good causes.