5 Teddy Bear activities

You can tap into the current popularity in cooking programs on TV and turn them into  cookery lessons involving reading instructions and using maths to work out ingredients and weights.
Popular topics always offer a great way to capture attention and get kids enthusiastic.

Let’s start with berries, which we know bears love to eat. The first step is to put a few scoopfuls into a large bowl. ¬†A few choice questions here would be be what colour and what size are they?
How many red and how many blue berries did you use?
where do you think bears find these different berries and how many of them do they have to eat so they are not hungry.

Introduce a bear game where bears like to play the opposite.
So we can have half the class liking opposite things.
Half the class likes to be an outdoor bear. Why?
Half the class likes to be an outdoors bear. Why?
Half like to be a day time bear and half a night time. Why might that be?
How about why bears like being outdoors and don’t mind getting dirty whereas others prefer to stay clean and are always in the water washing themselves.