All About Teddy Bears

Our society is all about using teddy bears in a a variety of ways to educate children in the fundamentals.
In our baking section there is a teddy bear cooking exercise which teaches following directions and using maths, to help in those skills.
For school parties plan on visiting the Teddy Bear Museum to get childrens’ interest. The latest Charlie Bears range of teddies are made from mohair here. (We are often asked: Are
Charlie bears
collectable? Click through for more info.)

There is a section on where teddy bears originated.
Here are a few ideas:
Before you even get to the museum you have the planning and co-ordination for the trip to discuss with your class.
One suggestion is to call the museum and ask if they would be willing to participate in returning a lost teddy, purely make believe of course.

As a teacher here are a few things yo can set up in advance:
Visit the museum itself and buy a teddy who will play the role of being lost somewhere in the school grounds.
In fact you will hide Teddy somewhere.

Set up a talk to discuss the lost teddy.
“Where do you think the bear came from ?”
The sew in label will show it was from the Teddy Bear Museum.
Include these points:
• Keep your input as little as possible
• Question the children to get a meaningful discussion going
• Steer things into deciding the bear got lost
• discuss how you all might retun the bear.
• Get involved in planning the route and the way to get him back home
(plenty of scope for distances to travel and roads to take)

Organising lunch for the trip

• A teddy bear picnic would be needed for the trip
• What should be added to your lunch pack?

Get agreement on what might be good for lunch
Calculate how many slices of bread and slices of cheese will be needed.
How much will the bread cost and how much will that be each?
Plenty of scope for the mathematics here.

In further sections we discuss how teddy bears got their name.
We also discuss the Ellingham and other teddy festivals

Welcome to our society.